Monday, September 19, 2016

More focus projects :-)


Here are my next 4 projects to move forward :-)
I can not and will not promise to not work on anything else, but I will promise to give these 4 some special attention.

Maybe you recognize the knitted leaf pattern on the back of this jacket from the last post?
It is the Løvfallskardigan - Falling Leaves Cardigan, by the same designer, Strikkelisa, on Ravelry
It is fun pattern to knit!

I am enjoying making my Focus lists - lists are good!

Lists happiness

Be creative - make a list!


Busy month - Focus Fun


Focus is good - focus brings my projects forward, step by step, stitch by stitch :-)
The table cloth from last post is finished and I am very happy about it.
It is perfect for my coffee table!


Another finish is this heart cushion, and I like it very much!

I love hearts, and these hearts are a celebration of the most important things in my life -
my precious family, my love of creating, my lovely home and my good friends.
I am so grateful for all these things and what they represent to me!


I guess I am a not-so-secret knitter, knitting more and more, in between other fibre activities…..
I enjoy browsing Ravelry, and found this shawl (Løvlisjal / Lovely Leaf Shawl)  by a Norwegian designer, Strikkelisa.  I had great fun knitting it, and I am looking forward to use it a lot through the upcoming winter.

If you have followed my blog a while, you will know that I am not much of a brown / beige person.
Well - when doing renovation in Quilt Corner this summer I had to move EVERYTHING out of my room, and when putting things back, it became very obvious that I have A LOT of beige and brown fabrics that have accumulated over the years.

There is no better way of shrinking a stash than to use it, so I will be making brown and beige quilts for charity - Tepper som varmer - through the winter. These 2 big quilts below hardly made a dent in my beige and brown stash and they are both 60" by 80".
I have friends who will machine quilt them both - I can do what I like best - make tops!

It feels good to brighten someone's day with a quilt!



go with all your heart 2

Wishing you a wonderful day
wherever you are!


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

What makes an Ufo - and what makes it move again.

2016-08-24 13.05.34

Through this year I have very much focused on finishing my Ufos,
of which I have many (yet).

In the process I have met some mind boggling truths, and come to a deeper appreciation of who I am in my creative process.

First of all - fabric kits are not my thing!

I like this table cloth, I love the pattern (which I have managed to misplace), I love the fabrics in the pinwheels, the rest of the fabrics not so much, but the whole thing had to be bought as a kit when purchased.

I did not like the fabrics in this kit for the sashing, which made this project come to a halt several years ago. I found some other fabric to suit my taste in my own fabric collection. Then I did not like the fabric for the corner triangles - another halt. Another dive in my own fabric collection - and then the whole project was put to the side.
I thought back then that I had to find a grey fabric to match the side triangles - I could not find any that I really loved, in spite of shopping several. 
I was bored! It was not fun anymore!

Well - there is no time like the present, so I dived in to my fabric collection this morning, following my heart for a light border, and now a piece of the light fabric to the left is in the washing machine.

Yellow sticker note to self -
Do not buy kits unless you love all the fabrics.
You can wait for the pattern to be sold separately at a later point!
Buy only fabrics that you love!

Goal: I want this table cloth finished asap!

goalsWishing you a creative day
where you are


Sunday, August 21, 2016

A little post about gifts given

2015-10-30 15.34.55

I love to make gifts for special people in my life, like my two grandaunt children :-)

Sometimes I make the gifts a long time ahead of the gifting day, and forget to blog about them later.


2015-10-30 15.39.09

It was fun to alter the What's In Your Bag pattern to fit crayons and pens for L and J.


2015-10-30 15.10.56

A nice professional looking label adds to the overall look too :-)
I love these labels - one "old" and one new, ordered from Sweden.

2015-11-06 13.50.25

Before we went to USA in November 2015 I made this new toiletry bag for May Britt,


2015-11-06 13.27.34

Off course I had to make one for myself too :-)
The stitcheries are from Bronwyn Hayes - Red Brolly.
The rest is my own idea, and I had so much fun with the quilting.


2015-11-10 17.25.442015-12-12 10.35.24

These 2 pincushions I made before Christmas 2015 to gift to two of my special friends.
The designs and buttons are from Lynette Anderson.
A quilter can never have to many pincushions, right?

the best things in life

Wishing you a happy day
wherever you are!

Monday, August 08, 2016

Small threads of this and that in Quilt Corner

IMG_061971437c3b0dda77e79e7412420543 (1)

These late summer days are filled with small threads mostly -
Some knitting while visiting with family- isn’t auntie L’s flowers great? She is 92 years old and still going strong with her garden and flowers!

Some crochet watching TV. The potholders were a gift for the same lovely auntie Smile


and more stitchery as good as every day – at least 3 threads or more, every day.




I am sure you already have figured out that I love doing these stitcheries?
Now I have done 22 – and there are only 10 more to do.



Lately have have started doing some bullet journaling, and I find it is fun, and make me stay very on the straight and narrow when it comes to keeping to my goals.

For the duration of the Olympic Games I have a weekly to do list, which this week includes 4 projects.

The light green dishcloth on the first photo is done - check

3 of 4 stitcheries for United Stitches quilt are done

I am working on my Chimney Log cabin quilt top – it will be a donation quilt, all from stash.
I really need some stash reducing!

1 Ufo – not yet worked on.


The chimney log cabin quilt will be 6 by 8 blocks when it is done.
My sewing machine and my arms are not on good speaking terms just now, but hopefully that will be better shortly!


one step at a time


Wishing you a wonderful day
wherever you are!


Monday, August 01, 2016

This summer's focus project


This project, United Stitches, by Rosalie Quinlan, has been a focus project for some time.
I do, as you know, enjoy having a focus project that I can move forward over a period of time - a project that I can enjoy with my morning coffee.

Since Quilt Corner has been down for renovation in real life for a while, it has also been good to have a project that can easily be carried around the house, no sewing machine needed.

Above are the first 12 blocks - below are the next 7 blocks.
Now there are 13 more blocks to go.








My goal is to have all the 32 stitcheries finished by the end of 2016 - I can do it!

set goals
Wishing you a lovely day
wherever  you are


Thursday, July 28, 2016

Jack of many trades


I had so stopped knitting …….. but a woman is entitled to change her mind, right ? ;-)

I have occasionally been known to knit socks on 5 needles, which is fun too - and not to heavy on my arms.

Bamboo knitting needles happened, and the dishcloth-mania hit hard here in Norway.

There is a lovely group on Facebook, called Bittamis Design for strikkelystne,  by the Norwegian knit designer Bitta Mikkelsborg, who has written books on socks and dishcloths.
She is generously giving out free patterns for dishcloths! I love them!

Last summer I joined Bitta's dishcloth-along, and I have knitted many dishcloths, both for my own use and for gifts.

I knit in 100 % cotton, and the dishcloths holds up very well when washed.

There is a dishcloth-along going on right now too, and we are now on week 4, with one new pattern being released every Monday. 4 down, 1 to go.
There were also 2 waiting-for-the-dishcloth-along-to-start, so all in all 7 different patterns.


I try to use from the yarn I have in the house already, so I am sort of "testing" different brands of 100 % cotton.
I have a few favourites by now, and a couple of not so favourite yarns, even if all the dishcloths have turned out well when done.
I do not like yarn that is splitting - if you are a knitter, you know what I mean.


I wonder how all these purple yarn balls found their way into my house………… hmmmm………. I guess it is fairly obvious that I like purple :-)


The observant eye with spy that I have one favourite amongst this year's dishcloth patterns.

A ball of yarn and a circular needle always fit in my purse. It is easy to knit and chat at the same time, even when the light is not as good as what I need for stitchery and patchwork.

happy moments2

 Wishing you a creative day
wherever you are!


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Alle Fugler BOM finish

2016-07-04 13.55.00

I have debated with myself whether to blog backwards or to start “at the beginning” of my writer’s block, which really has been quite a while, but I have decided to do a little of both.

It has been busy in Quilt Corner in 2016 – not with starts really, but with many finishes, both big and small.
I know I have blogged about Alle Fugler BOM quilt before, and now it is all done, binding and all.

Nothing beats the feeling of a finished big Ufo, ever!

I bought this BOM from Northern Quilt – the design is Northern Quilt & Helene Juul.
It came as a kit in 2010, and it is still for sale.

Merete Ellingsen has done the machine quilting.

So much happened in 2010.
We had a death in the family and life in general was bumpy, so the first 3 months of this BOM got stuck in a box until autumn of 2015, when I decided to make this quilt one of my focus projects.
With the supportive cheering from friends, I could do it!

It was recently finished, and my husband likes the quilt so much I now have given it to him.

2016-07-04 13.55.33

2016-07-04 13.55.26

2016-07-04 13.55.51

The striped binding, which I really think lifted the whole quilt, I found recently at Lappemakeriet.

This is how this Alle Fugler quilt process has been:

which step did you reach today



keep calm and never give up

Wishing you a lovely day
wherever you are