Thursday, July 17, 2014

Welcome in – new Quilt Corner


Here is the new Quilt Corner, and it will stay here, in its own room.

The original plan was to move back to the old Quilt Corner, in the corner of the living room, but as we were taking the old corner down, I first thought I could have a smaller table there in the future – you can see the table I tested with in the first photo in the last post -  with a smaller sewing machine and hand piecing.
I know myself – it would have turned into chaos quite fast – reality check!

The new Quilt Corner used to be dear daughter 1’s old room and has doubled as a store room for my sewing stuff for a few years and it had many pieces of furniture.
It is not big – 7,7 square meters / 82 square foot, but after getting rid of some furniture I was able to fit the old Quilt Corner table under the window, so now I have a room with a view and a window!!

I find the daylight very comfortable – the old Quilt Corner did not have good natural light -  and I will be able to keep all my stuff in one room (in a while) , which will give us more room in the living room.

I have voted for 2 good chairs and a small table where the old Quilt Corner used to be – where you can see DH’s comfy chair in my last post, where we can sit together having coffee and I can have a good floor lamp for my stitchery.


Since my beloved furry quilt inspector walked the rainbow bridge in March – I used a lot of time to let her in and out of the veranda door in the living room -  and the girls are grown up and have moved out, I do not need a mommy commando central in the living room anymore.

I miss Miss Cat very much, to much for words, daily, but we will not have a new cat, due to allergies in the family.
Seeing her photo I can feel her fur and her smell……….
Your paw prints will forever be on my heart, Rusket!


I even got room for a design wall in the new Quilt Corner – how great is that ??


One of those big flannel-plastic sheets from Fons and Porter + 2 table cloth weights in the 2 upper corners let me hang the design wall on a double closet door and it can easily be moved /removed. I have never had a design wall in my life – I LOVE this one!

I have even tried the sewing machine today, for the first time in over a month, but that is food for another post :-)

The new Quilt Corner is quite filled up, but we will have to move everything out of here before to long, as part of The Big Flooring Project, making the house threshold free.
I am NOT looking forward to the move out, but I am looking forward to the move in and the time after, when I can organize my fabrics properly.

If you can picture my house as a capital L, the old Quilt Corner used to be in the bend – the heel of the L, and now it is in the toe, facing north west.



The sewing table in evening light

Around midnight last night I could enjoy a light Nordic summer night sky from the sewing table.



Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Big changes!


Big changes – the Quilt Corner is gone from the living room, and everything are torn out for the big renovation – ceiling, flooring and walls.
It is like a shock to the system, but it will be great once it is done.


We found some very interesting wall paper from the 70s, under the not so interesting fake wood wall panel, also from the 70s.


When we moved here in 1995 we were on a shoestring budget and made do with painting all the brown walls and the mint green walls in the hall.


What we now call country style yellow was in fashion, with matching deep red cotton print curtains with ruffles – I guess you remember the style ?
Years later the curtains are gone and the yellow walls we liked so much back then were changed to white.


If you were into styles in the 70s, I bet you remember this linoleum too, which we had in the kitchen when we moved here and found a remnant of under the dining area dark brown laminate flooring.


The Quilt Corner looked like this only 2 days ago – with a chair for my husband to watch the football on TV after he has been  done with the renovation for the night.
All our furniture except his chair is living in the garage for the time being.


New flooring has been bought.

New ceiling is up, new white MDF is going on the walls.
Still we have many weeks work in our house before we are back to some sort of normal…..
When the walls are finished the rest of the linoleum will go and the carpenter can come to work on the floors.

3 weeks and counting…….


……… and a lot of hand sewing…………


Monday, June 30, 2014

Busy, busy, busy


Going over my photos from the last 3 weeks I find that I really have get quite a lot done, in spite of life being quite busy outside Quilt Corner.
I know I picked some focus projects in my last post, but I often tend to rebel against my own lists ;-)


2 weeks ago we were away for the weekend, visiting friends, and instead of bringing flowers or wine, I decided to turn this LeMoyne star block into a cushion, embellishing it with one of my precious handmade strawberry buttons.
Our friends were happy about the gift – isn’t that the very best moments, when you can make someone happy by something that has made you happy first – a real win win situation :-)


My friend is a farmer and while she was doing her work indoors, I sat outside the barn in the sun, doing crochet.
I do not have a career as farm hand, but I am very patient if I can keep my hands busy :-)


Lace crochet is fun, and I am looking forward to give this as a gift for someone special!


I am soon running out of these handkerchiefs, and to my knowledge they can not be bought anymore – they are from the early 80s - so I am giving them away with a lot of planning who is getting one, and I am definitively keeping some for myself.


I needed a new toiletry purse for our weekend trip, and this was finished just in time.
I really like it when the both fronts and backs are looking good.


The stitchery has been done for a long time and has been in my Ufo box. It is one of the pre-prints one could buy from Tilda some years back. I like it a lot.


Next finish is this gorgeous table topper from Anni Downs.
I Love her designs and this was very fun to do. Not very fast, but stitchery is again a passion after I had my glasses adjusted recently so I can see better.




It is birthday season in my dear husband’s family, and these double yarn, double layer potholders now belongs to my dear sister in law, together with some fun kitchen equipment.
I started crocheting a summer top for myself from this yarn, but it did not turn out the way I wanted. The Turkish yarn was a bit fibery, if you know what I mean. Would not drape the right way in a garment, but was super great for potholders. Again I got to use some of my beloved buttons – these I bought in Canada some years back. Again, win win :-)



Never a dull moment – I’ll be back shortly!

Friday, June 06, 2014

To much of a good thing ?


I know I have said it before and I am saying it again – I have to many started projects here in my Quilt Corner !!
Honestly, I do not like them all that much either, but I will dig in a finish some :-)

I have picked 5 projects that will get priority now in June. I wonder if I can finish at least 4 of them through the rest of June…….

I have so many things I want to do, so many dreams and patterns and fabrics and notions.
I know I have the attention span of a mosquito when it comes to old projects!

Give me strength!


I think my knee is up to some light machine sewing again – let the fun begin !

dream big


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hand Sewing Fun


Some new fabrics from my local shop Trådsnella and Kathrines Quilte Stue + a recently bought pattern from Trådsnella, containing both stitchery and English Paper Piecing  - Edelweiss from Helen Stubbings + some paper pieces for English Paper Piecing is on my table today.
I also have a BIG  pile of hand work Ufos that will get attention while I give the sewing machine a rest ordered by my doctor.

Tour de Fibre 2014 is also coming up shortly and hand work is great during summer and also while watching TV.
It is time to start planning for this year’s Tour de Fibre!
It will be running from Saturday July 5th to Sunday July 27th 2014, along with the famous bike race Tour de France. Join in the fun if you like :-)

I am very happy to be a quilter with many skills so I always can adjust what I am doing to what fits into my life  :-)


This is Marianne at Trådsnella’s Edelweiss quilt, pieced and stitched by Marianne’s skilled mother and beautifully quilted by Merete at

It is my inspiration to get some of my hand work Ufos done so I can start this one!


Do  you have this pattern too ? Maybe we could do it together ?



The angel table topper is coming along too – I like to stitch the angels – it is a little like having guardian angels on duty.

piglet gratitude


Saturday, May 17, 2014

All those happy dreams!


After the lovely day with Anni Downs, I had to look through my Anni-patterns and books, and start one of my favourites – the angel table topper :-)
Of to my local shop Trådsnella to purchase a gorgeous soft pink fabric for the border and backing + DMC embroidery floss for the stitchery.


Usually I do use embroidery floss from my own boxes, but Anni’s colour choice is so nice, I thought I might as well just follow instructions this time – not my strongest side you know :-)


I think I have all of Anni’s books and I treasure them very much :-)  They are bought both here in Norway and from overseas Australia through many years.

I like the way Anni does her drawings – sort of primitive with a sophisticated touch -  her cute and wise sayings and lately also the fact that she does all her quilts herself – every stitch.
I like the diversity – even if you can see who has done the designs they are different in every book.
I have a lot of Anni’s designs on my dreaming-about-doing-list – happy dreams indeed!

I had the pleasure of showing Anni my angel quilt.It was a proud moment!
I have not seen anyone posting photos of the whole quilt from the show and tell, so I am posting a photo from this winter, when is was done.


I wish every day had more hours I could use here in Quilt Corner –
wouldn’t  that had been gorgeous ?




Saturday, May 10, 2014

One of those wonderful days in life–part 2


According to tradition – in the evening there were a trunk show :-)
Everyone loving Anni’s designs knows they come in all sizes, and it is difficult to see the small ones from a distance, even from chair row 2 – I hope my camera is of help :-)
Click the photos for enlarged photos.



Sometimes I wish I had one of those very big lense good cameras – if I only was strong enough I would have had one!
More to come – I hope you have enjoyed the journey so far :-)